Qualifying job for working permit applyication for Foreign Student Graduated in ROC apply by scoring

I’m looking for advice about which job description can qualify for a work permit when “Applying by New Scoring Criteria for Foreign and Overseas Chinese Students to Work in Taiwan.”

I know a talented Malaysian psychology graduate of a Taiwanese university, with volunteer experience working with kids with autism and coordinating management duties.
She was accepted at a qualified company per company requirements which works with people with special needs, scored 100 on the scoring criteria, speaks perfect English and Chinese, has worked with children with alzheimers and skillfully coordinated events and people in a volunteer capacity, but her work permit application currently has not gone through because her job description focused on working with children with special needs, and the case manager cited only a job with a more administrative capacity serving co-workers, or other businesses would qualify.

The company is willing to hire her in a different capacity and was looking for advice if there are any ways to make the job description fit, should anyone have experience or is versed in the qualifications and can offer any advice (ARC extension expires this month, so last chance for qualifying).

Thank you