Quarantine Compensation

Continuing the discussion from Coronavirus - Taiwan (October 2020):
Has anyone made a successful claim for the NT1000 per day after being locked up for 14 days.
I left when all countries were on a level 3 and only “essential travel allowed” there does not appear to be an interpretation of what “essential travel” is - one official says funerals only, (my reason was medical tests) the Department of Health and Welfare will not answer the phone (keep passing to next up the line). The online application is as useful as a chocolate soldier, and there does not appear to be a place where I can deliver forms downloaded to complete.
any advice would be appreciated.

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Go file the paperwork for compensation at your local district’s executive branch/department (the one where all kinds of government paperwork are filed, as well as free vaccines to children are given). If you are trying to file from outside of Taiwan, you may be out of luck. Should be done in-person, I believe.