Quarantine Exemptions for the Vaccinated

At what point does Miss Spelling becomes a distraction… :thinking: :laughing:


shez da wurst

Fixed it for ya. But as a matter of dignity, only fixed half.


That’s a good point. But what I am also against is the discrimination against the poorer countries that want to reproduce the vaccinations because the big pharmaceutical companies have made the COVID vaccine IP, plus the vaccine has been patented. South Africa and India have made proposals to allow for poorer countries to be allowed to reproduce the COVID vaccines, but the Western pharmaceutical companies and Western governments are against it. And because of that, the majority of people in most of these so-called third world countries will never get the vaccines for inoculations. This will also lead to further discrimination against those who can travel and those who can’t travel.

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If thats true, you know where to vocally boycott next. That is a truly shit thing to do. But we all know pharma and cartels arent really so different.

None of this is about “making sense”, it is about security theater by government officials who can’t do anything useful about this virus so they play make-believe to make all the panicky idiots feel better.