Quarantine Exemptions for the Vaccinated

US$6,500 for 2 weeks for 2 rooms. The place sucks, but it sucks less than some others. Also, we went with a worse hotel so we could get some more room so our kids could exercise. Many of the nicest hotels didn’t have any floor room at all.


Really feel for all you folks who have to return to Taiwan right now. Especially if you have a family/kids. Oof.

We are now planning to move in January. I am hoping there will be no more quarantine for vaxxed travelers at that time. If there still is and there’s no end in sight, we might suck it up and do the quarantine. If they allow it to be done at “home” then even better. If there’s still quarantine but it appears to be ending soon, then we will wander around quarantine-less Asia for a bit.

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I can’t even get home to Kiwiland. Quarantine facilities are fully booked for months. Kind of a no distance left to run vibe…

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Outside of Taipei and the north there used to be nice hotels for 2500-3000ntd per night. I haven’t seen anything decent below 2500 with food/2000 without food.
But not allowed to order delivery food would be a big no-go.
That’s the main reason to go into hotel and not govt quarantine…

Yeah booking via Heathrow makes sense… When I left Taiwan in May, I estimated it will open up in October or November… Now I feel more like 2021 spring… At some point they have to open up.

If it’s 7 days quarantine plus 3 PCR tests I’m all fine with it. I said already long time ago, test everyone at end of stay, but actually with antibody, not with PCR. Heck do antibodies and PCR on 6. Day for vaccinated only. That would be very very safe… But yeah not sure I come back with 15 night quarantine hotel… Summer in Taiwan is a bit no-no for me. I will never survive happily may to October in Taiwan… End October to end April is nice in Taiwan…

I’m not sure about that though. I don’t think antibody is an accurate indicator.

Ig-m is very specific, plus it’s a blood test so harder to get wrong and super cheap/easy to do (needs just a drop of blood, no syringe or similar, just a pick in your finger). After 7 days it has very high validity too. PCR is better for detecting at early stage but much more prone to wrong procedure…

I only know the generic stuff so I’m not sure about ig-m, but don’t the antibodies stay in you blood for a long time? I thought they could only tell you if a person ever has COVID, not that if they are still capable of spreading the disease. Sometimes it doesn’t even tell you if you are immune to the disease.

Ig-m not. Other antibodies longer. But in addition to PCR after 7 days it would be really bullet-proof that right now you cannot infect other people and are not in incubation stage.

China requires PCR plus ig-m. It makes way more sense than just extending quarantine…
If that is coupled with vaccinated only, even safer.
The next best measure would be to have longer quarantine for immunosuppressed or obese or people with co-morbidities. Just act on risk groups not generalize everyone…

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I think at least for fully vaccinated people Taiwan gov. should allow home quarantine with maximum fine for breaking it, in case you’re living alone.


We have two young boys also, and will have to quarantine separately in two rooms, despite being fully vaccinated (not the kids). This is after living here in the US where you can go to restaurants or baseball games with thousands of unmasked people. It’s a clown world.

We know many people who got Covid, and not one died or had serious complications. We know several people who died in the last year though, including my 89 year old mom, of non Covid related things. The media and government have completely distorted this disease to scare people with statistics.

But we know many people who’ve put off cancer screenings, even visits to the doctor, and the number of people we know who’ve gained a lot of weight during the Covid period is shocking. So idiotic government policy is going to kill a lot of people in the long run, that’s a fact.

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As you may have noticed, the approach in Taiwan is a wee bit different from the approach in the US.

What is strange to me that you would think it would be the same. Why would you think so? Almost every aspect of COVID management policy has been different here—and vastly more cautious—since the get go in January 2020.


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I mean, seeing that we have less than 30 cases per day now with obvious lack of vaccines, perhaps this is the way to go…?

What is “this”?


Anything that makes us different from other countries, including this border quarantine policy.


It’s not worse than the US just different. We watched as the government allowed Walmart, McDonalds and Best Buy to stay open while closing all the small business restaurants and shops. We watched as the middle class lost their jobs and billionaires grew their wealth by 40% in one year.

The US response wasn’t stupid like Taiwan’s, it was criminal.

Yes. Taiwan has been far more cautious than the US right from the outset.

We’ve been a bit more like NZ and Australia, though with more flights in and no bans on citizens and residents entering (Australia seems to have taken such restrictions to the next level!).


I am not an American, but I wish the US and its people well, especially with our annexationist neighbour.

But just be aware that Taiwan has been—and almost certainly will be—way more cautious than what you’ve experienced in the US. This will extend to mask usage as an everyday practice and other measures (scanning in when you visit a shop etc) to try to manage or slow down community spread.


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