Quarantine Exemptions for the Vaccinated

More misleading information? Yes we know the delta variant is more contagious vaccine or no. Question is how is it compared to adenovirus vaccines.

From the same article:

Separately, preliminary findings of a Scottish study published in The Lancet last month found that the Pfizer vaccine provided 79% protection against all infections from the Delta variant, compared with 92% against the Alpha variant. The same study, which analyzed data from 5.4 million people in Scotland found the the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine offered 60% protection against infection with the Delta variant compared with 73% for the Alpha variant.

I don’t think that’s a huge difference but if given the choice, an mRNA makes more sense. Over 3x more people with the AZ vaccine got infected with the Alpha variant vs the PFizer. 27% vs 8%

The vaccine data in general is also misleading. The US first published the 95% figure as saying its 95% effective against catching it. Then later they changed it to mean 95% effective at preventing severe cases or hospitalization, but only like 80% effective against catching it.

One has to question everything the government tells you.

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Yeah not US style reopen with 5,000 unvaccinated people in a gymnasium watching hockey just back to some form of normality.

I don’t mean Taiwan’s policy is stupid just the quarantine rules in particular seem ridiculous especially if airline staff don’t have to quarantine as someone said.

And everyone looks like a genius compared to how the US handled Covid.

any ideas on what they are announcing tomorrow? There’s supposed to be some change for inbound pax. I would love to see them announce a detailed pathway to re-opening the border (ie, the metrics our Lord Chen wants to see for vaxx rate) but the cynic in me says that they are going to have even further restrictions.

When enough of Taiwan’s population is vaccinated, I would eventually like to see self-health management instituted for fully vaccinated people, before eventually dropping all restrictions for fully vaccinated people.

Of course, once the pandemic is over, all the restrictions should be dropped.

I’d be happy with home quarantine and extremely high fines for cheaters. I do support more testing.

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From a risk perspective, testing 3 days before departure/test on arrival and a test on day 8 would be enough. But the government is obsessed with zero covid.

It’s pretty obvious that the governments goal is not zero covid, not only because they’ve said it isn’t several times but they’ve been unwilling to implement the strictest measures even when called for. Now, they’re talking about loosening restrictions even with a steady (yet small) number of cases. So no, that isn’t their obsession.

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From today’s press conference: no changes at the moment for the vaccinated, but they’re thinking about it.

Of course it’s anybody’s guess as to when changes may take effect. My current guess is not in time for this summer vacation, but perhaps in time for Chinese New Year.

All contingent, I assume, on what we learn about how much the vaccinated can still catch and transmit this thing without actually getting sick.


The hotel quarantine is a real deterrent. Being confined to a single room for 14 days and paying premium is not sustainable. There are people with big houses/apartments that can quarantine alone in their whole property. If this hotel quarantine was lifted I’d be out of here in a minute.


I think it will eventually be lifted, but enacting it in the time of outbreak I felt was a good move. It probably deterred many to just…stay put.


Yup, me too. Which, to be fair, is probably a big reason they’re doing it. A bunch of residents coming back from international travel is probably not a risk the government wants to deal with in the next couple of months, and as much as these rules limit me doing what I want to do, I can see the sense in the precautions.

And note it’s still very much an open question just how much the vaccinated can still transmit the disease.

Vaccinated or not I would want to quarantine in my own home. Unfortunately I doubt Taiwan will allow vaccinated in without quarantine, but at least people who can quarantine alone at home should.

I didn’t step foot out of my door during my quarantine at home.


Nor would most people. But then, unfortunately, this happened:

A 71-year-old woman identified as the third case of the Delta COVID variant is believed to have briefly come in contact with the woman who was back from Peru during the latter’s home isolation period, according to the CECC.


It is the governments way to support the hotel / tourism industry.


Not to mention forcing families that have been living/traveling together to quarantine in separate hotel rooms in order to generate more money for the hotels.


This arrangement is to prevent cross-infection, as the authorities understand that families will naturally interact and eat together even if they are instructed not to do this.


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If they have been living and traveling together outside of Taiwan I still don’t understand the need to separate them once they enter the country, other than to direct more funds into the hotel industry.


Fully vaccinated with self-health management would be great. Hope they end the hotel quarantine requirement by the time I return to Taiwan mid October. (Just booked a flight back home!)

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The family member(s) that have caught the disease might not be infective at the time they’re traveling. They might start being infective during the quarantine. It’s for their own good.