Quarantine Exemptions for the Vaccinated

Chen Shizhong, the commander of the Central Epidemic Command Center, said at the press conference this afternoon that the command center has been considering this matter, but currently has no plans to relax.

Horrible, we will never get a normal life back. I so miss 2019.


I would already be happy if they reintroduced home quarantine for the vaccinated


There is alas little indication that the CECC is considering that now.


Well yeah I would be happy with that.

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The headline is misleading a bit as it is really CECC that opposes it rather than all of Taiwan. The topic keeps coming up so at some point there will be eased restrictions. Hopefully, all goes well with the Olympic athletes coming back.
Keeping testing in place with home quarantine will still protect Taiwan.

I don’t think they allow home quarantine, this is how this thing got out of control in the first place… people were screwing around way too much. I think we’re stuck like this for the rest of the year.

The Olympic competitors should do the quarantine regardless. Why take the risk of Delta getting in? Especially from an event that should have been cancelled in the first place.

But did they have the enhanced testing in place? And the vast majority of people didn’t break quarantine at home. Perhaps the fines for breaking quarantine aren’t high enough?

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I very much doubt it with all the news that the vaccinated are catching, and spreading variants. The CDC stated they found viral titres in the nasal passage of vaccinated with delta that were as high as unvaccinated with delta. Because of this, as long as Taiwan has a zero covid policy, there’s no chance of vaccinated travel perks.

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vast majority isn’t going to cut it for the CDC, they are not going to risk covid in Taiwan. They will be very very conservative in their approach. Even more than before, until they have a clear end game plan for the final phase of covid. Taiwan is going to sit back and observe other countries right now, and the stats are all pointing to exactly what Shen_shung mentioned above.

So don’t expect any lax quarantine rules anytime soon.

just my opinion.


I agree that Taiwan will be very conservative to change. I usually guess how long it will take them and then multiply the time by 3.


Funny how back in April I was planning summer holidays in Europe hoping to avoid home quarantine on my way back. And now I wish I had the option of home quarantine :rofl: :rofl:


No it wasn’t, it was the hotel mixing people.

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hotel mixing people yes, poor home quarantine rules also were a factor.

While case No. 1,068 was quarantining, he suffered a fall, and case No. 1,112 spent over half an hour in his residence providing assistance. In addition, case No. 1,112 delivered food to case No. 1,106 during her quarantine.

I think it was a culmination of lax rules all around, you are right though, the hotel mixing was not good.

Ah, I’ve been waiting for an update. Thanks for sharing.

I was hoping they would at least decrease the number of quarantine days required for fully vaccinated travelers. For example, instead of the 14 days, reduce to 7 quarantine days and require pre-travel and Day 7 COVID tests.

Can anybody advise me on how to book a quarantine hotel in Taiwan from the US?

Would I have to pay in advance through the quarantine hotels personal website or can I just reserve a room before returning to taiwan and pay at the hotel?

The quarantine hotel in Taipei I’ve been considering staying in doesn’t charge your card until three days before check-in. No rooms available currently though.

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I came in February, they preauthorised my card and asked me to sign a form saying I wouldn’t deny the charges, but said if my flight was canceled etc through no fault of my own, then I would be to change the date if possible or not have to pay the fees (I think the government enforced that.). They charged me when I arrived. I had to book a few weeks in advance to get a reasonably priced hotel.

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