Quarantine hotel booking with friend/family PRC number?

Hi all. Has anyone tried to book a quarantine hotel using a friend/family member’s PRC number instead of using their passport/Gold Card/ARC?

I ask this since I noticed permanent citizens get cheaper rates in general for the quarantine hotels compared with foreigner/ARC like myself.

Ideally I’d like to use their ID number for booking, but I still pay with my own payment method.

The rate difference is because they get 800NTD/day subsidy from the government for a quarantine guest if the person is a citizen or permanent resident. If you are not a permanent resident or citizen, you cannot get the cheaper rate.

I would guess that the person booking would need to be the one staying there, for tracking reasons.
You could call a hotel or two and ask them.

When I went to the Taipei quarantine hotel list, most of the hotels show the same rate now for citizens, APRC holders and foreigners. Not sure why that is, unless maybe the subsidy ran out.

The subsidy has been just for nationals and APRC holders since October, and they maybe secured the fund till June.

Does anyone know if there are Taoyuan quarantine hotels? It’ll be nice to have more room to stretch out for those 15 days and not pay the big city premium price lol.

When did ARC holders cease to be eligible? Applying for Taiwan's Quarantine Subsidy - All Hands Taiwan

Wow I didn’t know about that! I’m concerned about #4 though. What if I’m still receiving income from my employer based in US?

if your pay will not be cut during your quarantine, you are not eligible.

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