Quarantine hotel in Xindian or with kitchenette - help!

So my pal finally got a ticket on a flight back to Taiwan and he calls me all stressed out because he can’t find the hotel I recommended, which is near my place in Xindian and where, as far as I know, a bunch of neighborhood folk and their relatives/pals and such have stayed for quarantine.

I thought his Google-fu must be broken, I mean, links are pretty straightforward, right? so I tried my luck at the official link…and hit the same wall:

Does anyone here see Xindian listed anywhere?!


I mean, I do not need to find the same hotel but this one has kitchenettes. I don’t care where but the guy wants to cook his own stuff.

Our folks are in their mid-80’s now so we really want to go home at Christmas time. Who knows what the rules will be by then?

Hubby and I will most likely travel together and then come back to quarantine together as we have two separate living areas.

However, if one of us needs to go before then, our idea is for the other to just go stay at a hotel and let the quarantine subject stay in our apartment. This would be much more comfortable.

Your friend may not want to afford a hotel with a kitchenette, so perhaps a balcony and fresh fruit and veg, other cold or packaged food from Carrefour would suffice? Eating those lunch boxes for two weeks would be tough.

Can you drop off hot food? That might be an option, too. People coming in definitely need the support of friends and family so that they can easily stay within the rules.

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