Quarantine Rules (tested positive in Taiwan)

My wife and kid and I all have Covid and have been told not to leave the house for 7 day from the first positive test (which doesn’t make sense).

Where can I find the official rules regarding home quarantine? Specifically, am I allowed to be on my balcony? I know everyone has an opinion, but I’m looking for the official rules.


Damn good question. I self-tested positive today (after starting to feel sick two days ago): I’ve been trying to figure out the actual rules, without much luck. You’d think the CDC website FAQs would have this easily available, but nope. Google just leads me to links about quarantine for arriving travellers.

The best I can readily find is this newspaper article, which is not official (gee, it’d be so nice if we had a technology that could easily link to sources), and also almost three weeks old. Nothing about balconies; it says “the quarantine period for COVID-19-infected individuals with mild or no symptoms in Taiwan will be cut down to seven days from a first positive test or the onset of symptoms”.

The newspaper article below is dated May 7, but I can’t find a CDC press announcement with similar information (usually there’d be an announcement around the same time).


Call the foreign resident information phone line.

Closest I can find.


Damn. You just had to do the test, didn’t you? Couldn’t just leave it alone… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I was actually 51% expecting to come down with it myself around the middle of this week after going to a friend’s concert and post-drinks on Saturday, including a bus over to Yilan with the people either side of me coughing all the way and a few taxi rides. The same friend also said that all of the musicians who’d attended an open mic night a week or two prior had tested positive afterwards (I’m not sure how many of those ended up appearing in official statistics though :whistle:). No symptoms yet though (after the hangover and lack of sleep had gone away, at least) and no test, so I guess I’m good…?

How is it for you? Does it live up to what you were expecting from two years of waiting, or a bit disappointing?

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Thanks for asking, but off-topic! (I do hope we can have at least one thread that remains an efficient source of information for the confused - i.e. all of us - rather than random discussion.)

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I know that part. It’s not a coincidence that I started feeling sick two days ago but only used a self-test kit today, once rapid tests became accepted. But the question here is about specific home quarantine regulations. It’s a good question and I hope it doesn’t get buried under other topics.

Off-topic: you can download the EUCARE app and register for an online appointment. The earliest I could get was Saturday morning. I’m not sure if there’s much point, but what the heck.


Nuts to youse, then. Will stay on topic! :roll_eyes: I didn’t know that being a stickler for thread focus was a symptom. :grin:

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Eh, you know I’ll write about it at some point.

When you get officially diagnosed, you will receive instructions on quarantine


No good. Anyone can say anything on there, be full of shit, and still draw a salary.

My PCR was positive yesterday and I was told 7+7 starting from day 0. So you can’t leave the house until after the eighth day unless you have a valid reason. My sister will be able to drive me to the hospital to have surgery once it’s arranged because she’s triple vaxxed. But obviously I can only go home immediately after being released from the hospital.

@Icon beat me to it.
That’s the correct one.


What counted as Day 0? The day you started feeling sick, the day you did the test, or the day the test was reported?

My PCR test date. I believe day 0 for you is the day the teledoctor confirms the infection.

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I’ve been talking to many Taiwanese, many feel three government has its head up it’s pigu and I’m in agreement at this point.

They keep repeating this thing about if the temperature gets to 41 that’s when you take your kid to the hospital. I’m sorry that’s ridiculous I’m not going to wait for my kids temperature to get that high to go to a hospital.

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Thanks. Hmm. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and may have to cancel that appointment. Not enough time, y’know.

I started day 0 16 days after I was recovered. :roll_eyes: I’m just one of the unlucky ones that still show positive on PCR after two weeks.
It’s a bunch of arbitrary rules that make little difference. Just recovery at home and get on with your life like you said.

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FWIW I just had an online appointment. The doctor couldn’t confirm when my quarantine would start, but he said it’s usually going to be the day after the positive test is filed - so in my case, the 7-day quarantine will likely start tomorrow, Sunday, which is three days after the actual positive test, and five days after initial symptoms.

But he also said stuff will be uploaded in the system and then I’ll get notifications on my phone and things will be filled out, so it’s not certain how this is going to play out.

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