Quarantining at Home - Problems with neighbors?

Hi everyone,

I’m thinking of quarantining at home for ten days as per the new March 7 rules and I’m wondering if anyone has done this and as a result had any problems with their neighbors during this period. I could understand that if it were known that someone was quarantining in an apartment building, some people may be become quite worried especially if they had children. Just wondering if this is a concern that anyone else has had and if it is warranted. Thanks.

It’s not the business of your neighbours.

If they harass you, document it and call the police.


Hi Marco,
CDC say it’s fine to quarantine at home, so long as nobody else is there. Pretty happy with their support and advice tbh. They check up on you plenty of times to make sure you’re quarantining too.

Yep. But at the end of the day, it’s nobody else’s business but yours.