[quote=“marboulette”][quote=“jessccw”] it also seems like they have different rules for different importing countries and I had moved since then.[/quote]I thought you were moving to Taiwan?
I ended up moving to another part of Asia instead, so thought the rules may be different.

[quote]and SINCE it IS three years ago, i wanted to see if there’s any changes.[/quote][/quote]Then why not ask the same question in a thread where such information was already posted at your request instead of asking all the same questions again in a new thread?
I thought that would be an outdated thread already. So It would be a fresher post since this is about personal feedback rather than regulations.

In any case, when are you planning to come to Taiwan? Are you even planning to come to Taiwan?
Yes, if I can plan a work-around.

I just wanted to know if non-rabies countries and rabies country both need to quarantine and if there’s a list of which country is which.

Fair enough, Jess. Glad that you received excellent answers to your questions. :slight_smile:

Not sure about a list of rabies infected countries, but you might want to try google that one. Or maybe someone else will chime in with the info you need.


Hi, I am new on Forumosa :slight_smile: I will take Chinese study at MLC CCU and bring my dog along with me to Taipei

I wonder that I can take my dog as carry-on bag like you. What airline did you use at that time ? Does any airline have direct flight to Taipei besides China Airlines and Eva Air because I have asked those two airlines, they do not allowed pet in the cabin. All have to put in the cargo and even China Airlines CS said some horrible stuff about our dog will be next to others baggage and luggage or even on top of that baggage and we have to sign a paper notify that airlines does not have any responsibility for the dog safety. I can’t imagine that scenario :aiyo:

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:

I had PMed Shao Pung about this before and he told me that he flew over on Northwest Airlines.

O, thank you Tiare

I have checked the price form online booking however it is quiet expensive because it has two stops to Europe but I am in Asia, same with Taipei

However thank you very much Tiare :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: