Queenie Needs a Loving Home

Queenie’s story is a bit unusual. It all started when Lulu cat meowed at the right door at the right time. The very kind woman opened her door and saw a starving cat. She took her in, fed her lots, gave her a bath and cared for her. She noticed that Lulu was putting on weight rather quickly (after only a few days!) and thought it was time to take her in for vaccinations. That’s when she found out that Lulu was pregnant! She thought she rescued one cat but she ended up with a mom cat and a litter of four! Well, Lulu was such a great cat that the kind woman kept her. The kittens were all put up for adoption. Her 3 siblings have all been adopted out now and now Queenie is just waiting for the purrr-fect home. She is very calm, affectionate and lovable. She’s good with other cats and adapts well to dogs, too. She is litter trained, de-sexed, vaccinated and micro-chipped. She’s one year old and she is ready and waiting for a loving home. For more details contact Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org

Queenie is ready and waiting for the purrr-fect home.
Contact Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org for more details.

We have everything you need to take Queenie home today; a litter box, cat carrier, cat food and even a scratching post! Just contact Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org if you are interested in adopting Queenie.

Queenie is still available for foster or adoption. Please contact me at Natasha@BARK-Taiwan.org for more details on how to foster/ adopt.

Queenie has gone on a trial adoption. Fingers crossed…

Queenie’s trial adoption has been upgraded to permanent adoption! :discodance: