Queer Film Audition

Spanking Schubert The Film

We are currently for actors for our queer film set in Taipei titled “Spanking Schubert” We have Chinese and English Speaking Roles and would especially be looking for Foreign Taiwanese who can speak English like ABC for example. Some minor caucasian roles are also available.

Spanking Schubert is a gritty, erotic, fantasy mystery film told in three

short episodes. We are attempting to make this an episodic trailer for a

possible future feature film based on the book originally written by

Marten Weber. (facebook.com/martenweber)

It tells the story of Jiawei, a closeted gay man from countryside Tainan

now living in Taipei city who has a fetish for foreign men.

Jiawei’s deals with his struggles to conform and keep face and fulfil

family duty by escaping through fantasies. He adopts multiple

personalities and explores heterosexuality in a battle for self-acceptance.

The story of Jiawei makes us examine the heart of Taiwanese society

today. Is it a world where the concept of “face” and how we are

perceived by others most important? Or should authenticity to who we

actually are really count for more.

For an audition please send your profile shots and which part you are interested to audition for to jeremyli94@gmail.com and for those interested in the male Caucasian roles please also contact us for more information about minor roles.

Current lead roles we are casting for include

The Characters





JIAWEI (AGE 27-35)

main protagonist, narrator

Jiawei is a well to do gay patent lawyer in his early 30’s late 20’s originally raised by a country family on a pineapple farm in Tainan, but now living and working in Taipei. Despite being quite slim he has a very strong and handsome face. He is an intellectual who spends his weekends going to the Taipei concert hall to hear the latest concert and classical music events. He lives alone initially and often visits gay sauna’s in pursuit of sex especially sex with Caucasian men. Having failed at finding a white boyfriend he ends up marrying Mimi an eccentric waitress with a harsh tongue who works at a small café in his local neighbourhood. Jiawei’s main struggle is to find self-acceptance while fulfilling his obligations to his family and obeying the rules of the society in which he lives. In order to avoid confronting the reality of his own situation Jiawei often resorts to flights of fantasy to escape and live a life where he can fulfil his forbidden sexual desires. He is probably a bottom in terms of sexual position and while he is gentle he is NOT feminine. This role requires some English speaking.





A-MING (AGE 27-35)

A-ming is an imagined gay friend and alter ego of Jiawei. A-ming represents somewhat of an opposite of Jiawei. He’s not submissive. He’s butch, “straight acting”, quite buff and probably a top. He like Jiawei also likes Caucasians and seeks out to conquer submissive white men in order to suppress an Asian inferiority complex. He’s the son of a rich construction company and is the closest Taiwanese friend of Jiawei. The two’s friendship starts to fizzle as Jiawei’s relationship with Mimi grows. Over time he attempts to convince Jiawei that any possibility of a straight life with Mimi would be a complete façade. This role requires some English speaking.


Mimi是一名在Downtown Café工作的咖啡廳侍者,也是一名強勢,有自信的女性主義者。她知識豐富,喜好閱讀,尤其喜愛日本作家村上春樹的作品。Mimi精通中文、英文與日文,從來沒有長期穩定交往的男友。止於沒有男友的原因,大概是因為Mimi性格上的侵略性。她古怪的性情反映在衣著,Mimi時常換髮色與髮型,並選擇穿著日系漫畫人物服裝上班。Mimi喜歡和同志男性們相處,在嘉偉走進咖啡廳時就喜歡上他。Mimi完全知曉嘉偉的性向,在兩人持續相處下友情升溫成愛情,最後更一起步入禮堂。不過,年紀漸增的Mimi,在希望達到社會期許下,個性也跟著改變。她想要的,是與嘉偉共組家庭,住在好的社區,成為一個「正常的」家庭主婦。隨著歲月飛逝,Mimi與嘉偉漸漸失去心靈上的焦集,兩人更有意地忽視嘉偉的性向。他們的婚姻出自方便性,也是讓追求「正常性」兩方家庭停止壓迫要求的手段。


MIMI (AGE 25-35)

Mimi is the feisty, confident, feminist waitress at Downtown Café. She is an intellectual who reads prolifically especially the works of “Murakami”. She speaks English, Japanese and Chinese at a high level and has never had a long-term boyfriend. This is probably due to her aggressiveness. She is eccentric even in her dress style, opting to wear Manga outfit’s to work and often changing her hairstyles and colours. She loves gay men and falls for the attractive Jiawei one day when he walks into her café. She is completely aware of his sexuality but over time their friendship somehow turns romantic ending with the two getting married. Her character changes as she becomes older as she tries to fulfil all the expectations of society. She wants to live in a rich neighbourhood, start a family and be a “normal” stay at home wife. As Jiawei and Mimi grow older they grow apart, and they both pretend to forget Jiawei’s homosexual past. Their marriage is one of convenience and used to silence both each others families cries for normality. This role may require some English speaking. She is attractive with high cheekbones and striking eyes and may have a scar or facial abnormality.

For an audition please send your profile shots and which part you are interested to audition for to jeremyli94@gmail.com and for those interested in the male Caucasian roles please also contact us for more information about minor roles.

I will be directing this project and for examples of my work please watch thishttp://jeremyfenton1.wix.com/fenton#!about1/cs4uand thishttp://jeremyfenton1.wix.com/fenton#!about1/cfjb