Question about abortion pill


Hello, first time posting here, not sure if this is alright, but does anyone know if its possible to get the abortion pill in taiwan without any prescription right off the pharmacy?


No. You have to go to an obstetrician, who will prescribe it and explain how to use it and how it works.

If you’re considering this option, I should warn you that it is an unpleasant experience, emotionally and physically. We make the decisions we have to, but I just want you to understand that it’s not as simple as it appears.


I occasionally find pharmacies that sell things without a prescription. I’m not going to mention those things but two of those pharmacies were across the street from major hospitals in Taipei and another one was just on a busy street.

I just walk along with a picture of exactly the product and amount and quantity that I want and by find it by the 3rd or 4th pharmacy. Sometimes the staff will call the boss over and he/she will help and it usually is that speaks English. What

One time the female pharmacist asked me how I knew about an item, and I told her what was true is that my friend is a doctor and told me this is what I need.

I would even say that pharmacies in certain parts of Taipei would be more familiar with this situation and might be more inclined to provide.


Hold on man. Do you need the morning after pill or actual abortion? Because if it’s the former you can just walk right into any Chemist and ask for it and they’ll sell it for like 280 dollars without a prescription. Done it a few time. It’s a 5 second procedure.

Also, you can buy 30 day contraceptive pills here that will make it 99% unlikely the girl will get pregnant.


“Done it a few time”

Use a condom man, morning after pill isn’t good for females.


Without getting too graphic or sharing the intricate details of my sex life with you, I can tell you that’s it’s fully our choice to use the “morning after” pill a few times.

My girlfriend is on birth control. She takes it regularly and is supposedly 99% safe against pregnancies. Birth control, like the morning after pill (map for future reference) is also very high in estrogen. Side effects may include: acne, weight gain, and delayed period. Same for the MAP. We’re informed and aware of this.

For the experience, sometimes she wants me to ejaculate inside her. I’m blessed with great
self control and can ejaculate when I want to. I’m very good at what I do. Even though she’s on birth control we like to play it double safe when we decide to do that and just buy the MAP. We’ve discussed babies, and decided we don’t want kids yet. However, we are both anti abortion people.

We’ve both taken STD tests too to ensure we are safe. Therefore, we don’t need to use condoms. In my opinion, sex is not really sex if their is a physical barrier between you and your lover. I stopped using condoms years ago and never looked back. Never had an STD and had a lot of girlfriends ok with no condoms. In fact, most Asian girls don’t even want to use condoms. They’ve told me this personally. And these are some very good looking and educated girls by the way ( air hostesses, teachers, nurses and university students etc).

If one doesn’t sleep with strangers, takes regular STD testing and sticks to one sex partner at a time (plus can control when he ejaculates) then there is no need for a condoms. We live in a great age of choice. And I would argue that a man doesn’t truly become a man until he ejaculates inside his girl without a condom.

Short version: People use map as an aid for bedroom activities. Its not an accident if the man comes in his girl. It’s a consensual choice. Women love sex too and often state it simply feels so much more intimate without condoms. Once you ditch condoms you’ll never go back bro


It seems you have very unbalanced knowledge on sex related things.

anyway, this is meaningless for the birth control purpose.


The opposite… I’m too knowledgeable :wink: Women love me. Also, pull out method is actually a form of birth control too. If practised perfectly it’s 96% safe as a form of contraception. It’s reliable IF the man can actually control when he ejaculates… Which a lot of men can’t do. I can. Don’t hate bro it’s not cool






Thanks for the context, thought you were busting nuts in randoms and then buying the the morning after pill.

I am not too sure if it is myth or fact, but using the morning after pill can reduce chances of pregnancy if you take it too many times like 5+

The pill is safe enough to bust a nut in your gf man, don’t worry about the plan B pill you have a plan A already!


that is a myth.

Many men say they can do it perfectly.


Well, I have very bad memory so I’m not 100% of what to say next but… I would say I have read that pills either lose effectiveness OR can give the user troubles if taken more than 2-3 times a year.


The truth is that preseminal liquid carries some sperm and sometimes there’s semen coming out even before the ejaculation. I’m not going to give details on how I practice sex but yeah, I’m guilty for many things… so if you practice coitus interruptus then you have to be very very careful. And the experience is like 320% better without condom…


I’m trying to be modest here but yes, I can control it perfectly. Even with women I didn’t use the pill with I’ve never gotten them pregnant or used condoms. And no babies or STDs for me! Plus I’ve checked my sperm in medical tests and it’s very healthy. Super sperm in fact.

I control my breathing, which helps a lot. Regular sex with the same person helps too, as you become familiar with her “snugness” down below. The penis remembers. And let’s face it, every girl does feel different down there.

Monogamy takes work but long term it is rewarding. Anyway, all men should practice edging and breathing techniques. That way when u feel she’s about to orgasm you can let go and do it in tandem.


That’s a very precise number. Have you done a study on this?


If anything it should be higher. It’s night and day in terms of the pleasure difference. Men who use condoms are A) Dominated by their masculine wives or girlfriends into doing so. Or B) Mislead by a fear of getting a girl pregnant, thus doubting their own self control.


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