Question about buses to the airport

I have taken one of those cheap buses from CKS to Taipei, but I don’t really know how to take one back to CKS.

Do they pick people up all over or just at some central location near main station?

I figure why not save 900 NT on the return trip.


You can catch a bus to CKS in front of the Howard Plaze Hotel on the corner of Ren’ai and Fuxing south rd… starts at 530 am and there’s a bus every 20-30 minutes I think. That’s the only place I know of… but I’m certain all the hotels have taipei-cks bus stops out front. When I took it from the howard plaza, they only stopped a few times… wasn’t a zilliong pick-ups like the public buses.

There are various places around the city for catching buses to CKS Airport. Where do you live?

At NW corner of Zhongxiao-Fuxing, in front of the Hi-Life outside Exit 1 of the MRT (Andong St.) there’s an Evergreen bus to CKS that leaves every 20 minutes, starting around 5:30am. The same bus also stops at Bade/Fuxing (SW corner) and several other locations. Fare: 135

To the west of the Taipei Train Station is a bus terminal that has Guoguang Hao buses going to CKS. Fare: 125

Outside the Far Eastern Hotel (No. 201, Dunhua S. Road Sec. 2), there’s a bus that leaves regularly starting around 4:00am - your best bet for catching early morning flights.

There’s a bus terminal at Songshan Airport at Dunhua/Minquan with CKS buses. Fare: 125

Also from Xingtian Temple (Songjiang Road just north of the Minquan East Road intersection), the Guoguang Bus Station in Sanchong, and Banqiao Bus Station (nearest MRT stop - Banqiao). The latter two places are in Taibei County. You can catch airport buses near where I live (Minquan West Road and Chongqing North Road), but I don’t recommend it as it may involve waiting in the rain and it’s difficult to spot the right bus among all the others. Better to go from a bus station where you can buy your ticket at a window. If you buy your ticket on the bus, you may be expected to present the exact fare as the driver is too busy driving to bother finding change for you.

Update: Evergreen Bus has changed its signs from “CKS Airport” to “TTY Airport” in light of the recent change in the airport’s name.

The Evergreen bus to the airport goes up Songjiang Rd if you live in that area.

There’s a stop outside the Evergreen Laurel Hotel (Songjiang near Chang’an East Rd) where you can buy the tickets from a stand, and a stop just north of the Songjiang-Changchun intersection. The same bus goes up to the Xingtian temple.
It all depends on where you live, there are stops a bit everywhere in Taipei but they’re not clearly marked.

You even have one airport bus leaving the Grand Hyatt Hotel to the Airport. The same goes to Far Eastern Plaza hotel and Howard Plaza. That’s the one I usually take for my private trips and it is very convenient and cheap.

If you board the bus at one of the other stops, can you get the ticket onboard? Or do you always have to get it before boarding…

I think you either buy from the driver when hoping on or when you get off at the airport (it also stops before that in Nankan).
Not sure if the driver gives change (public long-distance buses usually don’t).