Question about buying drone from china

Im buying a drone from china to Taiwan (Taoyuan) and it’s cost 9000TWD, does anyone know I’m must pay a tax/customs? If yes how much is it, please tell me because I’m new in Taiwan

You can look up the applicable import duty in the tariff database.

In general your landed cost would be ($9000 + shipping) * (1 + import duty in %) * (1 + 5% VAT). So in case of free shipping and zero import duty, you would only pay 5% VAT.

Edit: if drones fall under heading 95030092 (Radio remote-controlled toys and models, incorporating a motor), you have to be very careful, as it is difficult to import radio controlled items or items with wifi chips into Taiwan. Shipments have been known to get stuck in customs.

This brings up the question for me, there are a lot of very good drone companies in Taiwan with local support, why would you import one?

Or why you are spending that much on a drone if you are worried about a few percent more in import duties?

If you are that hard up, use your money more wisely.

I take that all back if you are an adolescent.

So it’s just 5%?
Hmm…, please help me because I don’t understand, my drone is Eachine x220s

I’m go to Syntrend, an no one it’s good drone for my hobby

Yaa, sorry
Because I’m from Indonesia, and last year iam buying a cell phone from China to Indonesia, and i got 45% tax, it’s so expensive
So this is why I’m scare this accident can repeated again

Probably not. 5% is the absolute minimum. It depends on the shipping cost and the import duty for the item.

Get in touch with the seller and ask them for the customs classification of the drone. I am not an expert on drones, so I cannot tell you what item they fall under. You can then look up the import duty on the webpage I gave you and use the formula to calculate the total cost.

Thank you for your information :blush::pray:

More than likely you won’t get hit with any tax. In many years here, only items over $1000 have been taxed by customs.

Hmm…, okok I will try to buy
Thank you for your information