Question about buying single rooms

Basically, how much does a small room run in terms of pricing? I had this idea, you see…
It’s the king of longshots but I heard that these smaller rooms are cheap, like maybe 30,000 USD a piece. Well, my wing (for example) of my apartment building is closed off behind a metal door and i share a laundry machine and hallway with 3 other rooms as well as two independent bathrooms (although each room has its own). I wondered, would it be cheaper to buy a whole wing of small rooms? This way you could have that whole wing to yourself, and designate each room a specific purpose… Bedroom, kids’ room, dining room/kitchen, living room, and of course the hallway has the laundry machine.
So what do you think? In a couple years I’ll be buying probably and I want to know what all my options are. Any other advice? I hear houses can be 300000 a ping even in Taipei County these days. I don’t know how true that is… Seems still an older building out in Neihu could easily go for 250000 a ping, even with the new Neihu line.