Question about getting an ARC as an ESL teacher


*I apologize in advance if this was posted in the wrong section as this is my 1st post.

For the people here who are teaching here in Taiwan, when did you receive your ARC? I’ve been looking around online and asked some friends and they all stated that an ARC is received after arriving in Taiwan. Is this standard practice or is it possible to apply for one at the Taiwanese “embassy” prior to arrival? I’m rather curious about this since I may have a position lined up and wanted to know how it is obtained.



Welcome! And don’t worry. In Taiwan, first you get the job offer, then (usually after arrival) you get the work permit, and then you get the ARC.

You can start working as soon as the work permit says you can, whether or not the ARC is ready.

If you try to do things backwards, Al Pacino may get angry. :noway:


I think you cannot apply for an ARC before you arrive in Taiwan. It is possible you get a work permit and a resident visa beforehand, but ARC shall be applied within x days, after entry with the resident visa, or after getting the visa in Taiwan.