Question about going to schools door-to-door


I’m new to this forum so I’m just asking for some advices :slight_smile:

I’m planning on coming to Taipei this May to teach English. I’m Taiwanese but grew up in Canada (holder of both Taiwanese and Canadian passport). I have a BA degree and I’m currently finishing up my Master’s…I also have a TESOL/TESL/TEFL certificate. I’ve also had some experiences teaching English (private tutoring) in Taiwan already over the years. I was thinking of going to different English schools and bushiban door to door to ask for an interview when I get to Taiwan in May. Do you guys think it’s a good idea? I mean do peoplpe do that? I’m not sure if some schools would find that intrusive. I heard that sometimes people can land a better paying job this way (compared to committing to a school before coming to Taiwan)

I have a pretty good Chinese proficiency (but can’t write) and I’ve been to Taipei many times before so I’m able to travel around Taipei without any problem. What would be a good location to go that’s full of English schools/bushiban in the Taipei city/county area? I know the area around MRT Taipei Main Station is one…are there any other area that I can look into?

Thanks for the help!

Also, if you are insistant on living in Taipei but cannot find a job consider working near Taoyuan train station. It is only 30 minutes by train to Taoyuan and if you live near Taipei Train Station it is quicker than traveling to some areas in Taipei that are not near the MRT station.