Question about new APRCs

I am asking these questions on behalf of a colleague:

  1. Do they have new chip cards for APRC? I mean, since they were not available for ARCs - didn’t they run out of them sometime ago? My friend’s pink APRC is in the last stages of dissintegration, a new plastic one would be really handy.

  2. If the new APRC cards -well, the old too- do not show expiration date, won’t you have a hassle trying to get back into the country if you travel abroad -since they no longer put the reentry stamp?

  3. If so, how do you handle the issue of coming back in without much trouble?

Much appreciative for any help if someone has been there/done that before.

I got a new APRC IC card a month or so ago, and didn’t hear anything about shortage of cards. While at their office (in Banqiao) the card printing machine broke down and I had to wait for an hour or so.

Once you have an APRC you don’t need re-entry permits anymore, just show your passport and the APRC at the airport.

Yep, but my friend says last time in Hong Kong they did not know what an APRC was, and took a long time to verify with Taiwan about whether this person could get on the plane to come back. Hence, she is just being extra careful, as other places may also not be aware that APRCs have no expiration date printed on them.

Hannes, thanks for telling us that the cards are still available. That is good news indeed.