Question about PChome online shop


Hello everyone, i want to buy a new laptop but I dont know where I can buy it
I search google and find pchome online shop ,so it is good for buy electronic devices like laptop and pc ?quality , guarantee
sorry , english isn’t my mother language


yes. it’s a solid company; probably one of the top online websites to buy stuff in Taiwan.


Pchome has at least 4 platforms

  1. 24H Pchome
  2. none 24H pchome
  3. pcstore
  4. Seller.pcstore (in heavy competition with shopee)

1&2 are run by pchome, but 24H is more expensive. refunds and exchanges are very easy too.
3 and 4 are individual sellers, so pchome is not directly responsible for their conduct.
3 usually comes with formal receipt with 5% tax
4, no receipt for the most part. Therefore, you can bargain, you can find really low price, but be careful of scamming too.

you can also go to Nova or that yellow house (燦坤) if there’s one near you.


I was so impressed with PCHome, I bought a xbox one controller for windows 10 and ordered it at about 7pm, it arrived the next day by 4pm.


tks for all reply, I’ll buy one


Sometimes they deliver stuff the same day.


Just be aware of their return policy.



Can you give a quick summary on their return policy?