Question - Bring Money into Taiwan

I am planning to come to Taiwan soon to study.

What is the best way to carry money
(Traveller’s Cheque, Money Order, Cash) ?

I am Canadian. Is it okay to get TC, MO, or Cash
in Canadian Dollars or change them to US Dollars ?

Carrying lot’s of cash is usually not a good idea when you travel, I think TCs are the better option.

Just leave it in your own account at home and withdraw it from the ATM as you need it.

Traveller’s cheques would be a pain in the but. Bank hours are 9:00 - 3:30. What’s a money order? I’ve always been under the impression they are a North American only thing.

All of the above, really. No need to change your loonies to greenbacks; most banks will exchange any major western currency, Canadian included. A good suggestion with the ATM card; you will pay a service charge for each transaction, but won’t have the hassle of carrying a load of cash or TC’s. Check with your bank to find out what their overseas charges are and make sure you’re on the Cirrus or Maestro networks.

I’d suggest a bit of each; the cash and traveller’s cheques in case of emergency. Don’t bother with money orders; most banks charge to send them and then charge to process them, so you get hit twice.

Good luck.

Citizen K,

Does the Plus and Interac card work well in Taiwan’s ATM ?
I do not have card on Maestro netowrk.

Plus works well here. In fact the only place in the world I’ve had trouble withdrawing money is China.

Remember that the charge NT$100 per check at the bank in Taiwan, compared to 20baht in Thailand. Just use your ATM to avoid this rip off.

bring cash
and a credit card