Question from outside: Are Taiwan employers domineering or

Are Taiwanese ESL school employers as racially domineering like the Koreans? Do they all bind together like a racial wave as a means to run their school / business? Do they spread even the most useless gossip and then quickly become all convinced that their regime is under attack? Of my experience around Taiwanese people I didn’t sense that they were a fascism the way Koreans are. If you were to speak directly of the negative experiences a teacher would possibly encounter how would they contrast to Korea?

Also, do Taiwanese employers, like Korea, also run through alot of foreign employees, leaving them on the run and in trouble with immigration, whenever they have little disagreements? Thanks.

I’ve never been to Korea, so I can’t compare; but I can sum up my Taiwan experience as this:

They like you
They hire you
They like someone else more
They hire someone else
They fire you

More often than not… oh who the fuck am I kidding…

The ONLY reason they’ve liked someone else more was because someone else was younger, blonde, female, or any combination thereof.

Hey Wonasler, I will agree with the Doc, but I really doubt that you are a native English speaker. You come across like a rather ignorant Taiwanese laoban who has almost got a good grip on our language, but in the end you fall flat on your face.

My answer is based on my premise about you. Yeah, most of you suck, royally and big time to boot.

Quit trolling and have a nice life.

The general consensus on most bulletin boards, including this one, seems to be that Taiwan is generally a better, more fun place to live and work, but that the money is better in Korea.
There are a few exceptions, but very few.

Thanks for the replies. To the guy that thinks I am someone in disguise, if you ask the mod to check my IP it will show I am not even there. I am in Vietnam. 100% white male. The reason my grammar may come across to you as not perfect is because these PC rooms close quick, and late a night I am not interested.

I just made this post because I’m tiring of the countries that invest nearly all of their pride in their “race & culture” with little clue about worldly things. I’ve been to Taiwan twice in '04 and they struck me as people that while having the race thing going and the “ancient Confucianism” airing about, they also seemed more adaptable to others. But then I spent almost all of my time right about that Central station, over there by Mitsukoshi Dept Store. A time or two I ventured on a bus into the neighborhood type places I did get a sense of “what are you doing here?” while just meandering about. But still they didn’t seem as shallow as the Koreans, and well, where I am now.

So I’m just looking for feedback about those things, good or bad or both. Oh yah, also to Dr Z. Your explanation sounds pretty clear, but like Korea once they fire you, are you screwed and pretty much have to jet out of the country for the remainder of the year, or is it easier to hook up into something else, again unlike Korea (unless the K boss miraculously signs forms for you and goes to immig office together, while putting his ego aside). Thanks again.