Question is ... were should i go?

My sister-in-law just told me to take a week of. Obviuosly she is afraid I’ll drop dead in front of my ovens and leave her sister (my wife) without a husband … :laughing:

Anyway, she wants us to take her kids (2)… they are not kids they are a teenager and older, no probs here. They probably haven’t been outside Taiwan yet.

So, one week … where to go?

Singapore - Malaysia

Wat else do we have that’s worth a one week trip.

Europe is to far for a week.

Ha … Canada … BC :s

Anyhow … please help me decide … it’s a tuff one … suggestions?

I don’t want it to be too much of a hassle, need to be relaxing but not a beach holiday perse, some sightseeing etc… would be nice but not to much.

You will go to Thailand (waves hand in front of your face)

Why not go somewhere in Taiwan? If you’ve only got a week, too much of your time will be eaten up getting there and coming back. I’d suggest the east coast or maybe Penghu.

If I only had a week and I wanted to go abroad, I might go to Bali or Phuket since you can fly to those places directly. There are also many hotel and air packages for these two places.

My wife and 2 kids had a great week in Kuching (Borneo) in March. Great people, great food, relaxed and not that expensive. 5 hours travel there. Lots of wildlife: orang utan, monkeys, crocodiles, fire flies etc. Kids didn’t want to come back to Taipei.

If it were up to me I stayed in Taiwan, but … I guess, my sister-in-law wants her sons to travel overseas with a more seasoned traveler.:slight_smile:

Many years ago they already asked me to take the oldest to Europe and show him around, I politely declined.:wink:

Kuching sounds good, gone get some info on that one.

Bali has some volcanos isn’t it and wildlife, but it’s so touristy. I like diving (PADI instuctor license) but than the others have to look for something else to do.:s

Anyway, let them come the suggestions.:laughing:

Thailand! I HIGHLY recommend a week, Jomtien Beach is just south of Pattaya, much cleaner and less crowded…and the beach chairs (with umbrellas) are insanely comfortable. Food, drinks, and massages come to YOU, you just sit there and relax :-D…