Question on clothing prices in Taiwan


I am new to this forum and I will be new to Taiwan. I currently live in Arizona, USA but I am leaving to move to Hsinchu on May 30 to teach English.

Many questions are on my mind. One of them concerns the price of clothing.

How much can one expect to pay for dress shirt at the stores in Taiwan? I am wondering how much of my current wardrobe I should bring with me, or whether it would be most cost-effective for me to buy what I need when I arrive in Taiwan.

I know the weather is hot and humid. Are short-sleeve dress shirts the way to go at this time of year?

Thank you.

Highpointer (not my real name).

Hello Highpointer, welcome to the 'mosa.

First of all, we have an ample selection here in Taiwan, going from very, really dirt cheap stuff to several thousand dollars. So, you will have a lot of leeway.

That said, it is often advised to bring your own clothes due to size issues. Overall proportions will be off -not to mention colors and fashion. Comfort is another issue, waterproof shoes hard to find. The bottom line is that sometimes you may not find what you want/need no matter the money. You will have to order/bring from abroad. So, if you have it, bring it.

Search previous threads about what to bring. Yes, you can buy stuff here at reasonable prices -and it doesn’t have to be night market low quality stuff- but certain key pieces -a good Goretex jacket, waterproof shoes, lingerie, etc. is better to bring what you already have and feel comfortable with.

As to short/long sleeve, it depends on the workplace. And how the AC is working. Will you be in Northern/Central/Southern Taiwan? Moreover, it is better to dress up in layers, weather here can change quickly.

Best of luck and let us know if there are any more questions.

While there’s nothing wrong with wearing a dress shirt, most English teachers I know usually wear T-shirts or polo shirts to work.

if you are of Asian dimensions (6’ or shorter, and not fat), you can shop anywhere from the highest end shit on the planet to the nastiest of cab driver wear.

If you are large, you might want to try some of the cut tag shops (like a crappy version of a factory outlet) in Taipei (Zhongshan North Road Section 7 and the Dinghao area).

I’m required to wear button-down shirts at my buxiban, short or long sleeved. I buy pretty cheap ones (cheap for Taiwan) because I’m always getting marker ink on them. I often get them at Carrefour or Costco.

Here’s a link to some Carrefour dress shirts to give you an idea; the prices usually range US$10~$20, but I’ve found them on sale for US$6. They’re boring and not in the least bit stylish, but for work they’re fine.

I couldn’t find a link to Costco shirts with prices, but the last time I bought some there they were on sale for around US$15. They were better quality and design than the Carrefour shirts.

I’m in Taoyuan; I don’t know the situation in Hsinshu, but I’d imagine the selection would be better since that area caters to the business sector. Taipei would be your best bet for selection and price.

You get a recommend just for this phrase.

You get a recommend just for this phrase.[/quote]
Because I am a diplomat…here is a free recommend HK. :slight_smile:

But get your shoes before coming if you happen to be size 11. I’'ve been here for years and can only get sandals. I live in the country though… so sophisticated stores so I don’t know much.

If you currently own it (and like it) and can carry it on the airplane then bring it. I have bought a mix of casual shirts in the last 3.5 yrs from 300-1200NT and most of the cheap stuff doesn’t last. Or the fit is simply wrong. Or it looks like crap.

But T-shirts and jeans are the standard dress for most teachers. I did some subbing when I started and wore khaki’s and a nice long sleeve button down shirt and the kids asked me if I was rich. Now if I wear a nice shirt the older students (6th+ grade) ask me if I have a date.

Uniqlo. They have everything from jeans and tees to dress shirts and blazers. Very cheap and decent quality. Dress shirts will cost you about $30. They do have short sleeve shirts as well, but long-sleeved, rolled up properly almost always looks better.

My girlfriend says that I dress like “an old man.” I wear button-ups and slacks. They’re cheap almost everywhere. I used to wear Van Heusen exclusively, but since they don’t sell that here, I just buy whatever fits well.

Section 7 is no longer the strip that it used to be, especially after Eslite moved out a few years ago. Most of the clothing shops are now gone.

I buy all my clothes outside of taiwan when traveling because the sizes are wrong and even ones that fit are wrong because they are tailored to Asian body shape with shorter hips with smaller smaller and shorter arms.

The prices are higher here than many other countries for branded or international brands.

The styles are dated and don’t really fit in other countries.

You can buy clothes really cheap here, but they are strange and won’t last.