Question re driving someone else's bike

So, because I don’t have an ARC my friend/landlord has agreed to put a scooter I want to purchase under his name, assuming everything would be alright regarding tickets and such. He was unsure about insurance though. What happens if I’m injured whilst using ‘his’ bike?

Yossarian gets hurt.

If you don’t have an ARC or a license you cannot legally ride a motorbike in Taiwan so if you get hurt you’ll be fully responsible and your friend will accuse you of stealing his motorbike.

Note that only a very light third-party insurance is required by the law. All vehicles need to be insured in order to renew it’s license, every couple of years. This insurance does not cover you for any injuries, only those you injure are covered and only for a token amount.
You can operate a vehicle in Taiwan for a limited amount of time on an international license. After that, you have to get a local license.

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