Question re: updating ARC due to change of job


I currently have a work-based ARC that will expire on Jan 8, 2021. I have a new work permit for another company that will begin on Dec 14, 2020. This is before my work permit for my current company expires (Jan 8, 2021). In other words, I’ll be starting my new job while finishing up my current one.

I understand that I have to update my ARC within 15 days of the new job. The ARC application form says that I have to provide a “Termination of Employment certificate” when I change job… but what if my employment hasn’t been terminated yet?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

will you work for two companies from Dec 14 to Jan 8? With your current employer’s agreement, it is ok.
Maybe you can update your information if you get a termination letter, while you are working for two companies.
If you quit your current company before Dec 14, they may cancel your work permit before the original termination date. You should get a termination letter beforehand, then update your info.

If I were you, i will ask to NIA, though.

Yes and my current employer is ok with that because by that time I’ll be finishing up my project with them.

So I must have a termination of employment letter from my current employer in order to update my ARC? Will a termination of employment letter with a future date work?




Does anyone know if the termination of employment certificate has to follow a certain format? Will a letter signed/stamped by my company specifying my employment duration and last day of employment suffice? Thanks.

Does anyone know? @tando? My current employer asked me to prepare a termination of employment letter myself and said they would sign/stamp whatever doc I prepare… thanks.


Does the link work?

If not

Thanks, @tando. Is the “Cancel Contract Agreement” the same as “Termination of Employment”?