Question regarding pay

I was told by a reliable source that if you are a full-time teacher you should be getting paid for Chinese New Year. I currently work full-time at a cram school. Will I be getting paid for these days? What are everyone’s past experiences with this. I have only been here since April so I’m not to familiar with holiday pay and such. Also I don’t want my boss to screw for a week of pay.


If you are paid by the hour, most likely you won’t be paid for those days. If you are salaried, you stand a good chance. Why not ask your boss?

You might try reading your contract, that usually helps.

I once had a contract that guaranteed me 100hrs a month, so they scheduled me to work 35hrs/wk after CNY to make sure they got their money’s worth. A friend of mine was on a contract that guaranteed 25hrs a week, so she got paid for her week off, but she had to fight for it.

I’ve seen other contracts that specify pay for public holidays, and that does seem to be pretty common as it’s probably a legal requirement, but there are always people who will try to take advantage of your not-knowing. Didn’t you think to ask about holiday pay when you signed?