Question Time in Shanghai

If anyone is interested, BBC just did a question time in China. Their build up says they were laregly allowed to choose their audience. You can watch the programme online for the next few days I think.

Would be interested to know what anyone thinks about:

The show as a whole.
Were the BBC used or not?
The pannelists.

Anything else.


When they were talking about it earlier, they made a big deal out of how this was a big breakthrough and all that, but that’s crap - like anyone inside China is ever going to see it.

Broadcast from China - but it seems noone in China is allowed to see/report it … t_id=66177

[quote]China has ordered a news blackout on a first ever mainland broadcast by the BBC

Programme was ok and in some areas tragicaly comical. I though David Tang was quite the best pannelist, speaking clearly and without the slight pomposity or the obvious bullshit of Liu Jianchao and Long Yongtu (he was definitely the worst). I would like to have heard more from Isabel Hilton.

Funiest bit was when Liu Jianchao said that it should be up to the Hong Kong people to decide how to elect/select their new CEO. The chair asked how could they do that if they were not alowed do vote. I don’t think young Liu had thought that comment through before opening his mouth. :blush: