Question: When did Taiwan stop laying claim to all of China?

Well yes, i can see your point if we are alking about nations that are tame and wont fight back, like muhc of the west. Protesting isnt fighting back.

The difference is in places like.china their debt, internally, can be just told to and go kill that group complaining. Not that this style of oppression is unique to china. But realisticlly thiscan no longer happen in places like usa, uk, japan, canada etc where there are consequences. I dont see.any threat of debt issues within.china, because they are quite happy just killing complainers en masse. The west may do it as well, but no where near as obvious, or scaled up, as the international community allows china to do it.

I suppose one can always say, in every single human large scale society that its possible. But few countries are given the green light os massacres and.genocide that china is. I mean even self proclaimed social justice warrior countries like canada are more than.happy to fully support genocide in china.

I hope they implode. I really do. But they have done a pretty good job brainwashing.people this.past century so im not sure how fast that mogh happen…

Last I read the central banks was tightening the spigot. No free stimmy and inflation has irked a lot of people here in the US. Now imagine China.

Their boat is way overloaded. It’s a Christmas Eve ferry out of Manila on a choppy sea. It will be bad, but the economic reality is far worse.

I never understand why one human wishes hurt on another. They are just people trying to get by and their system of rule is fucking them raw.

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Me too. I never understand the will to harm anither either. but it seems. you misread my intention of my .post, so to explain further. I hope the CCPs system, of mass oppression, implodes yes! No where in that statement am i wishing harm on individual chinese citizens. Or any people that are living a violence free life without ill will towards others or their environment. But dont get me wrong, the chinese government ccp oppression machines needs to either implode or mature towards decency and morals. I dont really think the latter is going to happen.

So, do i wish their system of pain, torture, oppression etc implodes? Yes! Do i wish harm on the innocent poor fuckers under the CCPs authorit harm, no!

Im not sure there is much disagreement amongst people that value human rights to be honest.

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I figured. You don’t strike me as sociopathic.

I sure hope not. I want sustainability, good environment, human and animal rights, equality and all that common sense good shit. Not constant wars, pain, diseases, contamjnated cood water and air etc. doesnt mean i will stop running my mouth about how bad china is acting though :slight_smile: Well, until they stop being assholes that is. Then welcome to the circle…

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One has to understand an important feature of the ROC - it is territorial-agnostic.

The constitution of ROC doesn’t give power to anybody to claim territory on behalf of ROC.

The constitution of ROC says: territories can ONLY be acquired or lost though democratic procedure.

So ROC territory acquisition ( or territorial loss) is the consequence of international treaties and circumstances, not subjective political opinions or nationalistic / idealistic sentiment of anyone. The ROC constitution adheres to this rule.

I was talking about the domestic Chinese debt bomb. Why are you telling me about Taiwanese anti land grab laws?

So when the government reclaimed Outer Mongolia in 1953 and held to that claim until 2002 it was acting against the Constitution?

That’s right. If the judicial branch functions properly, you will find the Senkaku Claim ruled invalid at the supreme court too.

Think about it: You can’t just claim territory based on a political conviction and then impose it on the whole republic, even if you made your way into the government. If you could, then what’s stopping you from claiming the South China Sea??

Erm, 10 years of war in Afghanistan?

Do you think its on the table that Afhgan forces are going to launch a large scale war with many countries?


Your concept was that “don’t oppose the Soviets”. The Afghan war revealed numerous weakness in the Soviet war machine and large scale corruption, ending with an ignoble withdrawal. Now, the US of course refused to take any lessons from that and committed the same mistakes, but that is another issue.

Anyway, any China-Russia conflict would be more favourable to China, taking place closer to their main infrastructure and supply lines.

Bigger in landmass- it has about 11% of the population and 11% of the GDP. China has four times the military budget. Being big tough Russkis is not going to save you when a missile comes streaking over the steppe.

Perhaps. though i argue on the defensive a big ass russian man type population would be far harder to invade than the other way around. Though to be honest, i doubt that is on the table either. Warfare now is already going remote, economic, biological and from space/air. So an infantry style romance murder story of decades past isnt very likely…i think most high up officials in most capable war mongering countries understand this.

I was, however, just joking around before stating i put money on a russian over the chinese infantry soldier any day of the week…china of course wins many wars in the future because even their enemies enable them. their enemys’ population still financially supports them. We only have ourselves to blame if/when it ever happens. Thats not a joke :frowning:

Sorry- got somewhat carried away. I blame it on all the Tucker Carlson/Rod Dreher types screaming “America is doomed because of woke soldiers”.

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Nah, its fun to go off the deep end. Lets put one of each special forces from china, russia, israel, afghanistan, usa, turkey, mongolian, and, for shits and grins mexican mafia into a cage fight wwf style, no weapons. Great ratings. Coming soon to a brainwash screen near you :slight_smile: