I currently live in Canada and want to know where I, as a young female, can find a website to talk and maybe get into a lesbian relationship with someone in Taiwan.
I am a bit shy so only would only give out full face photos after awhile of chatting, would that be a big problem? I am also a foreigner with a dark honey skin tone.
In a T and Po relationship, is a unspoken rule that the T pays, or are there some Po’s who pay.

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Can you read and write Chinese?

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You can set your match location on tinder to Taiwan. Most people use tinder now, i think it’s still popular in Taiwan. I actually worked with tinder to promote the app in Taiwan, was a pretty cool experience.


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yes, tinder. Or some of the similar apps, some of which are dedicated to what the OP looks or. Also, there are some places frequented by similarly inclined women. Taboo club unfortunately just closed last month, although I’m not sure how permanent that is.

Where in Taiwan are you going to live? This will have quite a significant impact on your experience here.

There is a vibrant and welcoming gay/lesbian community in Taipei. Once you are here, visit some gay bars (e.g. the Red House – no need to specifically focus on lesbian-only), and you will quickly make friends who will help you navigate the community.

If you are shy and prefer not to go to a bar alone then use Tinder to make some friends. It really works much better if you post a picture, though. I certainly encourage you to do so – there is nothing to lose. Nobody is perfect, some swipe right and some swipe left. Just be yourself and you will be fine :slight_smile:

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