Questions about Changing Jobs, ARCs etc

I’m in the unfortunate position of wanting to break a 12 month contract with my current employer for all of the typical reasons: my boss is a control freak, the pay isn’t commensurate with the agony, I’m a big flake, I never should have signed the contract, etc.
The main reason is because I am about to be offered a job that isn’t in the EFL industry–a dream come true. I have some questions about the feasibility of all of this:

  1. Has anyone ever reported actually being denied an ARC for being on the CLA blacklist for not completing a contract? I see a lot of posts about this, but no solid evidence that the blacklist ever gets used.

  2. Is a “termination of employment” form absolutely necessary to apply for a new ARC? If I just wait a few months won’t my current ARC get cancelled anyway?

  3. My 60-day visitor visa that I used when I entered Taiwan is multiple entry and good for 5 years. Can I use it again to apply for another ARC, or do I need to get a whole new visa and start over?

Any advice much appreciated, thanks…

I’m no expert on employment, but I can tell you that the employers I’ve worked for have all requested a “termination of employment” certificate. No it doesn’t make much sense. Maybe some employers are more reasonable about it?

As far as I know, your visitor visa gets cancelled as soon as you upgrade to an ARC. Mine has a biiiig stamp across it that says as much. I believe there is a grace period of something like 1 or 2 weeks after an ARC is cancelled for you to find another sponsor without leaving the country, but I could be mistaken. I switched from a work visa to a student visa, the whole situation was quite different for me.

Hopefully someone can give better answers!


Were you able to find a proper way to go about solving your problem?