Questions about direct consular filing

I’m just curious, after you start the direct consular filing how long does it take before your fiancee can make her way to the US?

Also, I was at AIT today, and the lady told me that, right now, I’m not eligible for DCF because I haven’t been in Taiwan for six months straight, even though I’ve spent the last 20 of 24 months in Taiwan, leaving once for four months. She didn’t seem to be too sure about this (had to go ask) does anyone know if there’s any way around this?

Moreover, I’m on a student (technically “tourist”) visa right now, but I start the process for my ARC tomorrow, meaning I should have it by the end of August. Will the three months I’ve been here before my ARC count towards the DCF requisite of six months. The reason I ask is this:

So, students aren’t considered, but does that mean I have to be on an ARC for six months or just that I have to have been in Taiwan “continuously for at least six months.”

The ladyfriend and I had hoped to go back to the US by Christmas, but I won’t have reached my six month point until November 29. Will this be at all possible?