Questions about Huayu Enrichment Scholarship

Hey everyone!

I have some questions about the mentioned scholarship. I’m soon about to apply for 12 months, starting in September, however I would like to know my chances of getting the scholarship.
This semester I’m about to finish my bachelor’s degree (I study double major of Chinese and Political science) and I have a pretty strong motivation to go to Taiwan. I’m not that worried about reference letters, since I may get them from my teachers (including a teacher from Taiwan), however what I’m worried about are my grades. They are not terrible, but neither great. I got straight A’s on my final high school exam (not sure if that helps, but from what I understand I need to send my high school diploma as well…), but my university grades are a mix of everything (except for F’s). Will that be a problem? Do grades matter a lot?
Also, I’ve already been to Taiwan - attending summer language school - not sure if that has any positive or negative impact (I’ve heard about scholarships where they prefer people who haven’t been to their country yet.).
I’m from a smaller country and around 12 people get HES every year, but I assume that not many people know about it and therefore not many people apply…
Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I would really like to have at least some idea about my chances. Is there anyone with an experience regarding HES? Did anyone get the scholarship despite not having amazing grades? Do you have any tips for how to improve my chances, for example regarding the study plan?

Thanks for any kind of help!