Questions about migrating to Taiwan


I live in Mainland China with my parents and have done now for many years. I want to go to Taiwan for a few years on my own, not for work or travel but to experience Taiwan and perhaps start a life for myself. Eventually I will obviously start looking for work but first, my main goal is to just adapt to the life in Taiwan. I will be living there on a 90 day visa exempt stamp (with visa runs) as I still own a UK passport and do not need a visa. I plan to travel to Taiwan in September and want a few of my questions answered before I travel. Obviously one person will probably not know the answer to all of these so if you only know one, please state exactly which question you are answering. Please only answer if you have experience in Taiwan.

Can an individual from the UK get a 90 day visa exempt stamp for Taiwan at the age of 17 without having anyone with him at the time of arrival into Taiwan? The individual can speak Chinese to a fairly high level and is very responsible and able to navigate around airports.

What are the other requirements needed for the 90 day visa exempt stamp? I’ve heard some mention that a bank statement indicating a high balance is necessary. I’d like to know if this is true along with all the other requirements.

Is an individual on a 90 day visa exempt stamp able to rent a property in Taiwan instead of having to stay in a hotel for three months. If so, what other requirements are there to rent a property in Taiwan e.g age requirements?

Can an individual on a 90 day visa exempt stamp open a Taiwanese bank account without having an ARC card/number and if so, what is the best bank for foreigners? Language is not an issue.

What restrictions are there for individual’s who do not have an arc card and are only staying in Taiwan due to the visa exempt stamp and visa runs every three months to Hong Kong?

Thanks in advance! - James


Hong Kong… You wouldn’t happen to be BNO, would you? That’s a whole different story. R.O.C. considers Hong Kong and Macao as territory of the R.O.C. Assuming you are straight-up UK, you should be visa-exempt up to 90 days. I think that should be regardless of age. I’ve travelled by myself at ages younger than 17.

  1. If it’s visa-exempt, I don’t know why you think you’ll need bank statements.
  2. Regardless of length of stay, you’ll have a hard time renting unless you can prove “financial stability” to your future landlords. That means either bank statements or a letter from work. Plus, most rentals need at least a 6-month contract. Perhaps try airbnb.
  3. I’m sure you can open an account at some banks (with just your passport). Have you considered one that is international? Like, Citibank, Standard Chartered, or HSBC?
  4. Basically, ARC guarantees you legal stay (longer length) and to some, working rights. I haven’t really encountered a situation requiring ARC except for work.
    Oh yes, in some situations, you will need dual documents. So that means passport + something like ARC.


Hi, good day to all… i need some help.
I am philippine citizen, married have two kids 2 years old and 1 year old. I have a relative in taiwan which is my mother and she got married a taiwanesse. My mom and stepdad wants my kids to study there.

My questions are

1 is it possible that they can study there?
2 is it possible we (parents) can also stay there if our kids will study there?

I hope somebody will help and reply me.
God bless you all!!!


I suggest you start your own thread