Questions About Needing Background Checks

Are Criminal History Background checks a prerequisite to obtain an ARC and start working in Taiwan as a teacher? / Does the government require this document?
Or is it the schools that request it for their own purposes?

Also along those lines, if it is not a government requirement, do all schools require Background Checks from the teachers home country? I know Cram Schools legally have to as of 2017, and I have also seen public school recruiters like ESL Dewey and TeachTaiwan require it, but do some private (and/or public) schools not require it?

According to the manual on MOE site (, foreign teachers need Criminal History Background checks to get work permit through public/private regular schools.

Buxibans and certain schools require it as conditions to approve a work permit for an ARC. As a uni teacher I’ve never been requested to get a background check as a condition for my ARC though. And I don’t think international schools require it either, but I could be wrong. I was under the impression it was a buxiban-only thing, but according to @tando that’s not the case.

though I had thought it is buxiban only thing, the manuals for hiring teachers at high/middle/elementary schools and international schools on the site list background check as one of required documents. Is here any recent applicant that didn’t need it?

Regulations for Univ/college teachers/researchers are different.

I was just looking at the required documents for the FET (Foreign English Teachers) program and they require a background check.