Questions about traveling with a dependent spouse (im american, shes chinese)

I have been unable to find out much about this on my own, so I have come here with hopes that someone will have an answer.

So I’ve done it, I’ve fallen in love with a chinese girl. But I still want to travel the world, teaching english. If I marry this girl, is it possible (or how long does it take, and what are the basic steps) to get her the paperwork necessary to travel as my spouse?

I want her to come with me from country to country over the first few years of our marriage (until kids come into the picture).

I’m assuming that I would have to go the whole marriage visa and route and get her an american passport so she can apply for visa’s as a dependent spouse. But I am unsure if there is another path to take that would be faster. I think I want to avoid the fiance visa, as that requires me to stay in america married to her for a while before she can get the permanent status. I would rather not spend those first years back in the states, but abroad.

By the way she is a mainlander, so its very difficult for her to get a visa to most countries without paying a load of cash. So I think its necessary to get her an american passport.