Questions and Answers about how to get the Coronavirus Vaccine

Ah that’s great thanks. It would have been a pain to need a card reader. I think someone did a run through of the registration/appointment process with an English translation on another thread so I can just look for that.

No english but its easy to figure out. Use google translate. The name of hospitals might appear weird in english but the process itself is pretty straightforward


Kaohsiung rocking it! Happy to hear this.


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Another twist. The approaching typhoon. Might hit northern Taiwan on Friday? If the weather is so bad that everyone stays home, what will happen to the appointments?

I have successfully made an appointment for registration but forgot to administer the vaccine. Will I send another SMS reminder that I can make another appointment for registration?

The system will send a newsletter to the people who can make an appointment for vaccination in the current period after each round of willingness registration ends. Please follow the newsletter to make a new appointment during the open vaccination appointment registration period.

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If you have allergies you might need this information:

My wife and I registered in the 18-49 group. How long until we receive an SMS message to be able to book an appointment? :man_shrugging:

Or do we not receive an sms message. A little confused lol

if you registered before July 19, chose AZ, input a correct phone number and 38 or above, you should have received an SMS already.

If not, it depends on when next vaccine will come.


Registered July 28. So just wait for a message? We selected every vaccine that was listed including AZ

Then, maybe when they will start the Taiwanese vaccine. During this month, the earliest?

For AZ or Moderna, people who registered before July 19 and not yet vaccinated (18 - 38 and people who missed their chance to make appointments or get vaccinated) have priority.

10 batches of high-end vaccines to be tested and 8 batches to be supplemented with information, starting in late August as soon as possible

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As of July 29th, the official website has an English version and allows you to register for your willingness of being vaccinated with an ARC and a Passport Number, a NHI number is not needed.

More info:

I just registered, and also, gave my willingness to receive the MV (Medigen vaccine?) on top of Moderna and AZ, but I’m not sure that is new.

if you don’t have an ARC. you can get a uniform ID number at NIA.

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I am trying to change my vaccine registration preferences to include the Taiwan made vaccine but I see no option to change my selection. When I click register it just tells me my existing registration details with no option to update. Is this even possible?

Also, the website really sucks in terms of design. You would think they would hire someone talented to design a website that literally the whole population are going to have to use at some point.

Yep, changes/cancellations don’t seem available at the moment. It was just a day or two ago.

If only I would live to that day…

Odd. I know that you could change preferences - many people did so from ‘Moderna’ to ‘any’ a few weeks back - but they appear to have removed that option.

I am hoping that someone can offer some guidance. I registered for COVID-19 vaccination on August 3rd but have yet to receive a text from 1922 that I’m eligible for vaccination. Is this wait time normal? If not, is there an email/phone number/physical address where I might inquire about my eligibility? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As you registered a bit late, you might have to wait a little bit more for your turn. Last week they vaccinated those who registered before the middle of July, with AZ. Which vaccine did you choose? Because that’s also going to influence the waiting time.

Pro tip: choose Medigen if you want to get vaccinated quickly

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