Quick guide to Tongyong/Hanyu>Tongyong converter?

OK, so I know Cranky Laowai’s site has some pretty damned comprehensive comparisons of romanizations, but anyone know where I can find either a much quicker table for converting HYPY to TYPY, or a program/website where I can do the conversion? Have to bloody make sure romanizations for a project are all in TY, and I’ve never used TY, and if I had the choice I still wouldn’t be, but anyway…

Oh, go on, tell us - who’s it for?

大地雜誌 (Dadi Zazhi - The Earth Magazine, IIRC). Although they didn’t specifically request TY, they just said that it had to “conform with GIO guidelines,” and being that the GIO officially uses TY, that’s what they’re getting.

If I were you I would use Hanyu pinyin by default unless specifically instructed otherwise. And I wouldn’t ask - just let them complain if they want to. They probably don’t know the difference, anyway.

I think Juba is probably right about that.

I know some of the people at Da Di. I agree with Juba and Feiren.

It wouldn’t be hard for me to toss together such a converter; but so far I’ve avoided it because quite frankly I don’t want to make things any easier for Tongyong.

But one tool on my site that might be of use is this:
This will take Hanyu text and tell you if it would be spelled the same in Tongyong. If the text would be spelled differently, the relevant areas are marked.

The Web page will also do the same for Tongyong text, checking whether it would be spelled the same in Hanyu.

“GIO guidelines” isn’t as unproblematic as you might think.

Remember that the central government said that local governments are allowed to use whatever romanization systems they like. That means if Taipei, for example, uses Hanyu, then Hanyu is not wrong – even under central government standards if you’re talking about things within the control of the Taipei City Government (such as street names).

So even under the conditions you were given, Hanyu might be the correct way to go. And even if it isn’t, Juba’s observation is probably correct.

Alrighty, Hanyu Pinyin it is then. That makes things a damn sight easier, and if they do complain, I’ll just rip through and change them. Thanks everyone.

Yeah, Tetsuo! :bravo:

Let’s keep fighting the good fight against Tongyong!

i have a question…the taipei mrt is using hanyu pinyin right? but im doing a doc on the new circle line connecting taibei xian…of course its full of nasty tongyong which im changing to hanyu…but is it certain the whole mrt will use hanyu? xindian is still xindian right, not sindian?