QUICK help needed

How do I recall a sent message in Outlook? I have done it before, but I can’t find the function now.

Time is of the essence! This mail needs to disappear…

PLEEZE! I’m begging, here!

“outbox” or “sent” folder, I dunno, I don’t use outlook. And delete it from the trash if it has one.

You want this mail disappear from your PC or the reciever’s PC?

If you want to delete it in your PC, search it in your sent or outbox.

If you can’t find it, I remeber there is a search function at the upper region of the window. (Haven’t used Outlook for a long time)

I don’t know how to make it disappear from the reciever’s PC.

I’ve done it. Thank you all!

Google is my friend. But thanks to the non-Outlook users who posted their useful suggestions.

So work tomorrow then at the normal time? :laughing:


Recalling a message sent by Outlook to another mailbox is only reliable if you’re sending it via an internal mailsystem (usually corporate). Even then it’s not certain, and there’s always the possibility of it being read before it is recalled.

Fabulous. Just super cool.

Well there are ways to find out.

Damn, sorry I wasn’t online, Buttercup. I’m the KING of recalling messages from Outlook that I wished I hadn’t sent.

Sooo, did it work? Did the email in question NOT arrive?

Dunno. Not in yet.

Wasn’t a horrific blunder, just slightly unprofessional whinyness over an irritating situation.

Thanks, Stu. If I ever actually attach 'photos, I’ll get in touch. That would be a nice earner, wouldn’t it? Saving the careers of the IT confused, for a fee. Hehe.

It didn’t work, but wasn’t a big drama.