Quick question about a criminal record check

i’m getting married (to a taiwanese citizen) and have applied for my record check with the RCMP back home in Canada, but it’s going to take upwards of 150 days just to process my application. my question is, does my record check have to be from the RCMP or can i get it from the local police in my hometown?

from what I’ve seen local PD’s seem to work just fine.
I am from the USA and results may vary.

I’m pretty sure you could just draw up a hand written facimile and it would be accepted. None of these departments ever check up anything. You could be Jack the Ripper, and no one would ever know.

cheers for the help :slight_smile:

Also if you have been in Taiwan more than 5 years, you only need a Taiwanese record check.

I have been waiting since August last year for my crc from rcmp. tried to follow up and see were it is at but with no sucsess. rather discouraging.