Quick question about mailing letters

Must letters here contain a return address?

My wife seems to think so

I’ve always been taught to include a return address.

If you drop a letter into a mailbox, the post office will deliver it whether there is a return address. If you try to mail it at the window, the clerk might make you write down a return address.

If you’re mailing to the US without a return address, however, your recipient might find it suspicious, and call the FBI to check the contents of the envelope.


Another question, is it illegal to send unsolicited physical mail in Taiwan? E.g. advertisements/DMs?

Just don’t send any to me, please.

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No it is not illegal to send unsolicited mail in Taiwan.

If letter is mailed at post office they will ask for return address. Mailing from mail box without return address is no problem but if it is undeliverable then they have no one to return it to. They will probably throw it away