Quick question about military service in Taiwan

Hey everyone, im a new user to this forum. I was born in Taiwan and lived there my entire life. I attended Taipei American School and i am now in California. My parents are both duel citizenship of the UK and Taiwan. However, they gave up my citizenship as a child to avoid military service. However, I would like to now go back home and gain my citizenship once again. So does anyone know how i can do that? I currently have a british passport and i no longer have permanent residency in taiwan. I have to enter on a Visa each time.

Can anyone please tell me how i can receive my citizenship as well as join the army right after?

THanks so much!


Are you interested in joining the army or not?

I have dual citizenship and I currently don’t have to join the military (i’m working in Taiwan for 1 year but I have the option of extending). The only thing I have to do is leave the country every 4 months. This could be HK, or any other country as long as I leave. I don’t even have to leave for 24 hours. As long as my Taiwan passport has an exit stamp, I am able to be a citizen and still not join the military. This goes on until i’m 35 years old. Then I can live here forever.

FYI: I get all the benefits of the health system and the lower taxes. Is this what you looking for? or do you want to join the military?