Quick question about the Taipei Cycle Show

That question being, is it purely a trade show (as I’m assuming it is, at least from a cursory browse of the web page), or does it have an open to the public day? I can’t seem to find an answer online.

Yes, Saturday 8th is the public day. However if you show up from the 5th to the 7th give the onsite registration desk two business cards, claim you’re there for sourcing purposes and look foreign enough they’ll give you trade visitor badge without much hassle. If you do go on the public day, be aware that most companies will be dismantling their booths by lunch time.

My friendly LBS fella has given me some tickets for access any of the 4 days. You’re welcome to have one - I plan to go on Friday.

Thanks ColT, sent you a PM (if it’s not too late).

For future reference if anyone checks this next year, I arrived at exactly 2pm after having family commitments for the whole morning. It was more than half packed up, I only saw a couple of the things on my list and left after less than an hour. What a waste of time and money!