Quick questions about 2008 US taxes

In 2008 I worked the first half the year in the US and 4 months in Taiwan. In 2009, when I filed taxes, I only included my US-based income. I did so because a. I didn’t know what forms to fill out for foreign-based income b. I hadn’t been in Taiwan for 330 days yet, and I thus thought my income for that period of time in 2008 might have been taxable and c. I wanted my refund check ASAP.

Now I filed my 2008 taxes (and received my refund) without any problems. I’m still here in Taiwan and am now doing my taxes for 2009. My question is this: Should I file my foreign-based income for that bit in 2008, or just leave it in the past? Would the IRS notice that I had not declared any earned income in the last half of 2008, but then had a foreign job January 1st 2009? Lastly, if I do file for my 2008 foreign-based income, what forms do I need? A 2555-EZ? A 1040X?

Any answers or pertinent links would be appreciated.

Shoulda claimed it. Since you filed for the year, though, I doubt that they would catch it.

Publication 54 (2009), Tax Guide for U.S. Citizens and Resident Aliens Abroad

Topic 308 - Amended Returns