Quick trip to Singapore : need to buy an Ipad

I am travelling at the end of the week for 24h to Singapore and i would like to buy a second hand IPad.
Where can i get one at a good value there? If anyone can help with that?
is it really worth it?
I know we can get 7% tax back when we return. Anything i should be aware?

Having never bought used electronic equipment in Singapore, I’m not sure of the availability or quality of second hand iPads but you may want to try the Cash Converters stores that are located in residential areas (they have a website). They had electronic equipment (again I can’t speak to the quality) whenever I visited.

You may also want to try Peninsula Plaza on N Bridge Rd. There used to be some second hand stores located on the upper floors.

Edit: You may also want to check online at the Straits Times Classifieds, eBay or Craigslist.

get back yesterday, it was a super cool place to visit.
I loved little india, the marina bay, the riverside and almost everything and I got a mini ipad, brand new for less than 10000… so it was a good trip.
BUT, 2 bad things happened.
First the JUMBO seafood restaurant (big chain for crabs and seafood)… it was disgusting and we paid 200 S$, we were still very hungry…
Second, DO NOT USE JETSTARS airlines… :fume: :fume: as i am on visa exempt i always need a ticket to go out from taiwan and i always use an open ticket from mandarin airlines (for china, plane +boat), i have always used it for years now. BUT these D…heads told me , ‘we cant read chinese so you cant board unless you buy a new ticket…’
We were late, running and had to f…ing buy a new ticket.
Except that, Singapore is awesome :bow:

Singaporeans can’t read Chinese??

They can but the Indians of jetstars CAN’T

Not sure if you ate at the Jumbo at the Riverwalk or at Riverside Point but the one at the Riverwalk is probably a better bet. I prefer the No Signboard Restaurant at the Esplanade for great traditional Chinese Singapore seafood dishes. It’s also on the waterfront (although set back a bit) and the food is superb. Other restaurant recommendations along the river: the Riverwalk Tandoor - they have a great buffet of Indian dishes at a fairly reasonable price; Brewerkz - excellent beers brewed at the premises and American food; Cafe Iguana - South American and Mexican fare with an wide range of tequila.