Quiet space in Taipei or near Taipei. Looking for advice



Hello Everybody. Our company is looking for an apartment to rent. The place has to be very quiet (important) so we thought about a loft apartment or something like that. Around 50 ping and if possible without many furniture. Does somebody have any advice?


There are a few new office buildings in Hsinchu, near Costco and just across the bridge from Zhubei. Only 30 mins by HSR from Taipei and a very very quiet neighborhood. Check them out!


Two things to consider.
First, work on much higher floors to get farther away from street noise
Or second, work in alleys away from the main roads, at least on third floor


Linkou is a nice area for a small office.
With Airport MRT Line, it only 40 minutes from Beimen/Taipei Main Station.


Check this, it’s near MRT Shipai station, and may be the one you’re looking for.