Quit Teaching Job

I taught in Taiwan 5+ years ago, left the job early without telling anyone and got on a plane home. Stupid in hindsight I know, however I was an idiot kid, dealing with the culture shock poorly and stuck in a school that kept breaking the terms of my contract. I had an ARC and was all legal.

Anyway my boss is sending me to Taiwan on a business trip in a couple of months and I’m a little worried I’ll have problems getting in. I’ll be visiting for a couple of weeks and hoping to enter under the visa waiver scheme. I’m reading things about teachers getting blacklisted etc and would be very grateful if anyone can share some knowledge or experience with this issue.

Thank you!

Just apply for a visa in advance in your home country, if anything is about to be flagged you would know before leaving…

You have absolutely nothing to worry about.


Don’t even lose a minutes sleep over this. There is zero connection between teacher blacklists and entry/exit.


Apparently, if your employer wanted revenge, it did have one option.

If you don’t need a work permit for this trip, it’s a non-issue. It’s probably a non-issue anyway after all these years.

If you’re from a Western country, you will be able to return on a 90-day landing visa. The only possible hurdle would be if you had been deported for working illegally - and even then, you would only be banned for 5 years which you apparently have already been gone for. Either way, by the sounds of it, that isn’t even the situation you are in.

Thanks everyone, your answers have very much put my mind at ease. Looking forward to some Taiwan beer and seeing some familiar sights!

So if one was going to do a ‘runner’… Do you need to cancel your ARC? I’m sifting through forum posts and haven’t found anything yet.
I have just started.

Why don’t you just uh, quit properly?

There’s a two month notice period.

So? Can’t be that hard to manage for a couple more months.

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There’s a fine for not working the two months which I’m more than happy to pay the school. Just confused about whether I cancel my ARC before I fly home.

Why is it so hard just to do the 2 months? You’ll be guaranteed not to have any problems coming back, and it’s just generally more professional.

If you’re going to fly home never to return do whatever you want. But you can’t cancel your ARC yourself, you need a letter of termination from your employer.

So if I was going to fly home, and come back in the next few years. I’d need to get a letter of termination?

If you applied for a new ARC when you came back you might need the certificate of employment. Otherwise you’d be a question mark in the system.

That wouldn’t exactly be a runner, then. :2cents:

True, I’m not wanting to screw them over.
Think I get the process now. I have to get the letter of termination and give that to someone and I’m all good.