Quitting a job before work permit is finished, but they already withheld taxes from first check?

I’m in a bit of a situation. Maybe easy maybe tough…so I seek advice here.

I’ve been working at a large chain for about a month in the evenings. They are taking a long time to get my work permit, so my first payday has already been given to me. They withheld taxes from this already, assuming I’d be working there a while and that I’d have the work permit soon.

Well…I hate the job and want to quit, but that would mean I quit before I have the work permit (they still haven’t sent out the paperwork yet). If I quit having worked here with no work permit, yet they withheld tax from my first month’s salary, am I in danger from the tax office?

It’s a large chain, I would assume they would not want to incriminate themselves either.

Any advice on this? I want to stay legal so I can hopefully one day get my PARC. Also, not getting deported seems nice too obviously.


I’m guessing they took out the tax, but haven’t paid or reported on it at all. I would check with them.