Quitting a teaching job for a new one in Taiwan

Hello everyone, I know this topic has been broached before but I just wanted to hear some advice on my situation.

I have worked at the same school for 3 years, it’s a good job that treats me well. However, the last year or so i have felt done and completely beaten up by the workload and other issues at work have made me longer want to do it. Originally my plan was to finish my contract which has around 9 months left on it. However, recently and luckily I found an opportunity through a friend at a much higher paying position at a school that would be great for me to work at. Has great long term potential and also greatly boosts my resume.

However, this opportunity won’t be around for long (if i don’t take it may never get another chance). My concern is the job wants me to start next month. So I can give my current place notice I’d give 30 days but I still feel awful about leaving before finishing my contract. Legally I dont see any penalties or such in my contract but im not sure if I am missing anything. Over the past year we’ve had a lot of teachers break contracts and they seem fine but I am still nervous (and feel like an asshole about it). Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on my situation.


Does this new school already want you? Is it a sure shot?

EDIT: Never mind, I see the new job wants you to start next month.

Why not then? Tell your current place ASAP and be prepared to be asked to quit as soon as possible :confused:

If there’s no early termination option in the contract and your employer is unlikely to let you go without a fight, you need to ask yourself whether or not you have a Labor Standards Act Art. 14 situation (or Art. 15 if you’re a permanent resident with an indefinite or long-term contract) or a Civil Code Art. 489 situation. You can only use the LSA option(s) if it’s a job subject to the LSA. You probably won’t know the answer, so I suggest talking to a lawyer or someone at the labor department in the city/county where you work.

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Thank you, yeah I’m not sure. I know other people have left early and nothing has happened but I think they will be more upset with me. The job is not a guarantee but I am debating letting them know now and seeing what they say.